Jelena Subotic


“Political reconciliation in the historical idea of Yugoslavia.” Book chapter, in press.
"The appropriation of Holocaust memory in post-communist Eastern Europe." Book chapter, in press.
“Ethics of Archival Research.” Article under revise and resubmit.
"The Promise of Linguistic Ethnography in IR." Article under revise and resubmit.
"Foreign Policy and Physical Sites of Memory: Competing Foreign Policies at the Jasenovac Memorial Site." Article under revise and resubmit.
"Museums and Political Memory as Spaces of State Contestation: Yugoslav National Exhibition at Auschwitz." Book chapter under review.
"History and Memory" (with Brent Steele). Book chapter in progress.
"Banal Multiculturalism as Status Seeking: The Politics of Turkey’s Cultural Heritage Restoration" (with Lerna Yanik). Article under review.
"International rules of political memory and commemoration" (with Brent Steele). Article in progress.